Monday Motivation ~ Don’t Be Afraid to SPARKLE

With a brief stint studying diamonds and gemology, it never ceases to amaze me how a dull and dusty piece of rock can be polished to a beautiful sparkly gemstone. Even the most beautiful diamond is born of dull black coal. With a little bit of technique and a lot of time, that dull rock can be cut and polished into the most perfectly radiant diamond. Even more encouraging is the fact that each diamond is unique and rare in its own right. So no one sparkle is the same as the next.

Like diamonds, your business has it’s own unique radiance that deserves to shine–to sparkle in the light. It is the time and technique that we develop on our journey  that gives each of us that unique sparkle for the world to see. Don’t be afraid to let that sparkle shine brightly through.

No matter where you are on your journey, start where you are today, and SPARKLE!

S~ Surround yourself with a solid support team.

P~ Pursue your goals

A~ Actively engage others.

R~ Radiate positivity.

K~ Know your limits and push beyond them.

L~ Live and love life to the fullest.

E~ Enjoy every moment.

Do you know how to achieve your SPARKLE?
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