Funnel Lead Generation Services

Funnel Lead Generation Services

Does your business have an automated sales funnel?

Are you looking to increase your conversions?

Want better relationship with your customers?

Did you know…68% of businesses have not created their marketing funnel!

That means the majority of your competitors have not found a successful way to pivot online in a way that can effectively find, attract, and convert your ideal customers. 

A digital sales funnel can do this for you.  

As more people are spending time online, even local businesses, shops, and service providers benefit from having a digital funnel in place.

As a full funnel agency, the Smart Girl Digital team can help your business create an optimized marketing funnel to increase conversions and save you time. 

Marketing funnels can be your best conversion tool. Funnels can help you evaluate your customer journey, define moments that matter, and identify key conversion points that bring you ROI.

Our funnel building services are all yours as we perform your site audits and bring different marketing solutions for you.

As part of executing the sales funnel implementation, we help craft  the offer, write the copy, set up the software, create the landing page, connect the form, and trigger the email follow up. 

Our goal is to help your business create an easy and enjoyable buying process for your customer that will result in loyalty.

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Benefits of a Digital Funnel

Having a full digital funnel in your business can help create better relationships, deliver value to your customers, and find more opportunities to show up and serve your ideal audience. 

Around 98% of people visiting your website won’t convert. Most visitors are looking to get to know about you and your business. They need a reason to sign-up, opt-in, or make an initial purchase.

From that initial conversion, those leads need to be nurtured. Follow-ups and nurturing via sales funnel is a necessary step to gain potential customers.

With our sales funnel creation services, we create a path for your ideal client so that you attract, engage, and convert website visitors into qualified prospects. Making a sales funnel can be a difficult job. Building a sales funnel requires a level of marketing knowledge that combines creativity with technical expertise. Once built, a sales funnel requires audience targeting, a budget for acquiring new traffic, and patience. 

The good news is that once you’ve cracked the unique formula for your business’s digital sales funnel, you are filling your pipeline with targeted and qualified prospects. An expertly crafted series of communications can accelerate your buyer’s relationship with your brand…building value, creating conversations, and delivering sales.

A sales funnel can lower the cost of acquiring new customers and generate high quality leads for your business. 

By building a digital funnel for your business, you will create efficiencies that keep your business full of new, qualified customers consistently. 

A well-designed sales funnel helps you develop meaningful offers and messaging for your customers, making it easier for your customers to do business with you.

Plus…implementing a funnel strategy in your business will help you get smarter about your processes and find areas of opportunity to optimize your business, both online and offline. 

The beauty of smart digital strategies is the fact that every click is measured, every page visit is noted, and you can find the exact areas that need to be improved by analyzing the digital data to make your creative decisions.

Funnel Lead Generation Services​

How it works

Smart Girl Digital’s process is designed to make it easy as we guide you through the steps you need to take to craft your business’s next marketing funnel. 

Step One: Digital Discover Session

We start off with a free digital discovery session. This step is all about us getting to know your business. We answer your questions and want to make sure we are a good fit. Plus, we love delivering results. This session is a great way for everyone to decide if we can make some magic working together. 

Step Two: Strategy Intensive Deep Dive

During this deep-dive program, you get a full digital audit of your current systems, strategies, and tactics. Then, we join together for a 2-hour strategic brainstorming session to develop the marketing funnel map that is going to deliver the right results for your business.

Step Three: In-Depth Funnel Planning Report

Let us deliver an in-depth digital marketing funnel planning report that outlines the exact funnel strategy, steps, and materials you need to create a high-converting sales funnel for your business. We deliver this report with full transparency so you can decide if hiring your own funnel team makes sense or choose to work with the SGD team.


Done For You Funnel Services

Want to have a stress-free funnel implementation? Let the Smart Girl Digital team help you. Our full funnel services cover everything from A to Z in your funnel planning report. 

Once we have built the funnel and integrated it with your business’s systems, our team will create reports along the way so you can see the return on investment and growth in conversions.

With our expert sales funnel services, you get the value of a team with decades of digital experience, creative copywriting designed for conversion, and the technical implementation that saves you time, energy, and money. 

Having a sales funnel created by a full funnel agency has countless benefits for businesses. Having a team like Smart Girl Digital can save you and your team valuable time. By hiring us you will be sure to get a funnel that gets you the results you want.

Who Needs a Digital Funnel

Any business with a digital presence needs a strategic sales funnel integrated into their systems. Local businesses can create more foot traffic with a digital sales funnel. 

Financial service agencies…increase your firm’s visibility, build and deliver value to your prospects, and book more appointments with a solid digital funnel for your business. As you find and attract more of your ideal clients, smooth automation funnels can build trust in your brand that shows your ideal clients you are the smarter and savvier professional to help them reach their financial goals.  

Lawyers & law firms…capture more leads needing your legal services with a digital sales funnel that delivers what they need when they need it. You can provide value and expertise that give a client confidence you are the legal team they need in the courtroom.  

Independent  Insurance agencies…prove you are committed to protecting your clients by creating a value-add funnel that generates local leads looking to protect their families and business. A full funnel strategy will elevate your agency and differentiate you from other agents in your area. 

Senior living communities …book more tours with a well-crafted marketing funnel. Showcase your quality of care and lifestyle amenities through online booking solutions that give you the option to book in-person tours or virtual tours. This way you are meeting the families you serve when they are looking for you and how they are most comfortable experiencing your community.  

So, how can the Smart Girl Digital team help you and your business optimize its sales funnel and achieve your objectives?

Funnel Lead Generation Services​

Frequently Asked Questions…

Tomayto, tomahto, they all mean the same thing! Your business needs a digital funnel to help find, attract, convert, and retain more clients who are looking for you online. 

They are essentially the same thing. An integrated sales funnel will integrate with all your current systems. These systems can include your sales team, website, automation platform, and sales CRM.

A full sales funnel addresses the full marketing to sales to customer retention process that your business uses to find, attract, convert, and retain your ideal clients.

Smart Girl Digital cannot guarantee exact results for your business. Every business is unique and we approach our funnel-building strategy with this in mind. We apply up-to-date funnel building best practices and use data-based decisions to guide you every step of the way.

Yes. Anyone can make their own funnel but the Smart Girl Digital team has years of experience creating, implementing and executing funnels for businesses. Creating a funnel is also very time consuming so it is helpful to hire a full funnel agency to do all the work and let your business get all the results.

Yes! Our team will craft an in-depth funnel planning report that is all yours. You are able to take this document and do whatever suits you. We can help implement the plan but the report is our final deliverable.

Results vary. When we discuss your funnel building plan, we include a launch timeline as well as set expectations for when you can see results based on your specific funnel and sales process.