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Do you monitor your brand & reputation online?

Are you proactively seeking positive reviews?

Do you want to prevent bad reviews before they happen?

Managing your online reviews and reputation is as important to your brand as your SEO, SEM, and social media strategies. Being able to generate positive raving fan reviews is one of the fastest ways to increase your online ratings and show future clients that your business is worth considering.

Businesses appearing in Google’s top 3 local positions have an average of 47 Google Reviews (BrightLocal Consumer Review Survey)

Raving Fans Review Booster System

Finding, asking, and highlighting your business’s top raving fans starts with knowing your team needs a system. 

A framework for who you ask, when you ask, how you ask, and what you do to recognize and appreciate those who share their positive feedback with the world.

A Smart System.

Our Raving Fans Review Booster System is designed to take the headache out of creating a consistent flow of incoming positive reviews.

The system is set up for you by our Smart Girl team. 

We take the time to understand the moments that matter for asking for those reviews. Then, we work with your team to train your team on the system and all 7 factors necessary to get more online reviews.

Once in place, we help you monitor and respond to your reviews in a way that is positive and proactive. 

Replying to a third of reviews may increase conversions by up to 80%.

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Frequently Asked Questions…

Improving your online reviews starts by identifying where on the Internet you want to generate more reviews. As the largest search engine, Google is always our recommended starting point, but there are industry-specific sites where reviews may be equally important for you.

Once you know where you want reviews, the next simple step is to ask for positive reviews. Our raving fans review strategy session can provide specific insights on areas you can improve.

There are a number of ways to encourage reviews. Depending on your customer’s journey with your brand, you may have several moments that matter where you can ask customers to leave you a review. The key is consistency and follow up.

In our raving fans review strategy session, we will share some ways you can implement a system to help you encourage more customers to leave a review.

A review strategy is how your business plans to proactively generate positive reviews from your customers. By creating a strategy, your business will have a consistent system in place to ask for reviews and follow up with those customers who are your raving fans.

Online review management impacts your local SEO – especially on Google. Google’s algorithm gives priority to new content and review ratings. So, if you are consistently getting more customer reviews, you have new content and increased ratings which helps you show up for those local searches where Google’s Local 3-Pack shows up for the search.

Plus, Google will aggregate your ratings across other major websites to show your review ratings as a summary on your Google My Business listing.

We always recommend starting with Google. Beyond Google, you may have industry-specific sites where reviews matter.

For example, in senior living sites like Caring.com and Senior Advisor have ratings that your ideal audience is looking at reviews. For home improvement, Home Advisor or Houzz may be somewhere your potential customers are looking at your reviews. For health care, Healthgrades is widely used to research your healthcare specialists.

On your raving fans strategy session, we can discuss specific sites that would be beneficial for your business and industry.

While SEO is a constantly changing algorithm, it has been reported that reviews do carry weight in the algorithm. Google has documented that third-party reviews are seen to validate a business and used to improve their results for search queries.

Define where you need more reviews. Decide who you want to ask. Implement a system for generating consistent reviews.

There are a variety of ways to promote your positive raving fan review. HIghlight your raving fans in social media posts. Include social validation by imbedding reviews on your website and landing pages. And you can use these reviews in your email campaigns.

You should be asking for reviews in those moments that matter along your customer journey. The obvious ask is right after they purchase from you.

Depending on your CRM and systems, you can segment your customers to identify only those raving fans that you want to ask. However, going forward with a consistent review management system there are unique ways to get feedback without pushing everyone to post a public review. A one-question survey could be one way to identify your raving fans and address any potential problem reviews before they are posted publicly.

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