Smart Senior Living Strategies

Helping communities find, attract, & connect with local families seeking senior living options. Through our proven strategies and methods, we help you transform your online digital presence for better results.

When you are in senior living or aging service industries, you know that serving older Americans requires heart, compassion, and care.

You work in a “high touch” industry where the value is placed on in-person interactions. From working with family members or providing residents an independent lifestyle, you are personally connected with those you serve.

85% of Baby Boomers use the Internet

From those boomers who are online:

  • 96% use search engines
  • 95% use email
  • 92% shop for products and services online rather than shopping in stores and shopping malls.

You see…it makes sense that more and more baby boomers are turning to the Internet to start their research on senior living for themselves or an aging loved one. It’s time for your community to have a strong digital strategy that keeps you relevant and top of mind!

So…are you showing up where families are searching?

Going digital doesn’t mean you have to lose the warmth and care that is felt in each of your communities. Going digital means you are remaining relevant for those baby boomers who are starting their search online, and you are showing up where they are searching.

Through thoughtful and personalized strategies, your community’s message can reach further and be heard louder, if you are doing it the right way.

You know you need to review and refine your digital marketing strategy. New innovations, advanced data, and automation tools are around every corner.

  • But…what should you be doing?
  • How are you going to keep up with the changing trends?
  • Should you just trust those big industry agencies, like everyone else?

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Reducing Reliance on Third-Party Referral Websites

Third-party referral websites have established themselves as a valued source for families and providers. They will continue to deliver qualified traffic of families looking for and in need of your community’s care.

What if…you could stop competing with 4 to 5 other communities for those third-party inquiries?

The rising reliance on paid third party referral websites has made digital marketing for senior living communities feel a bit daunting. Causing most senior living operators to expect high cost-per-move-in rates.

What if…you didn’t have to pay 1st month’s rent just to win the move-in?

By capturing a lead earlier in the process and devising a warm and personal nurturing process, senior living communities nationwide are quickly lowering their cost-per-lead while building a relationship with families at the beginning fo their caregiver’s journey.

For senior living communities, this means having a strong digital strategy.

A strong digital strategy includes:

  • Finding the local audience who is searching online by targeting and optimizing the right channels
  • Attracting the audience with the right message that meets their needs on their journey
  • Converting those families through passionate messaging that answers their questions while providing peace of mind

Strategic Digital Marketing Leaders With Proven Results

At Smart Girl, we see the change happening in the senior living industry. Yes, your audience – baby boomers – are turning to the Internet to start their research. Will they find your community?

We’ve spent our time focused on developing traffic generating strategies to bring you qualified traffic that is ready to start an in-person conversation with your team.

We partner with senior living communities to deliver a personalized and manageable strategy that is going to showcase the true story of living in your community and change the perspective of senior living in the 21st century. 

Our founder, Katie, has spent several years working directly in the industry transforming the digital foundation for dozens of communities. Through her leadership and proven experience, her strategies have been recognized by many of the industry’s thought leaders and innovators.

We don’t offer cookie-cutter plans that everyone else is doing. We deliver a strategy that is focused on the census needs at each of your communities. 

These smart strategies have delivered results for clients wanting to win more leads before lead aggregators – like A Place for Mom and Caring.com – take the lion’s share of your 1st month’s fees.

Digital Services for Senior Living

  • Local Search Optimization
  • Reputation Management
  • Email Marketing & Automation
  • Content Development
  • Website Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Digital Strategy Consulting

With the recommendations and strategic implementation of the Smart Girl strategy, senior living communities should see a 3x increase in digital inquiries. Most communities are able to double the number of tours booked for their community relations team.

Connect with Smart Girl Digital to better understand what options would be best for your communities.


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Let’s discuss your current digital efforts and ideas for how we can help you make a move in your local markets.