Smart Automation Systems for Sales & Marketing Alignment

Attract & Convert Your Ideal Customers

Create Cohesive Customer Conversations

Advance Sales & Improve Retention

How are you nurturing warm leads that come into your CRM? Whether you are looking to help your customers make a buying decision or want to cross-sell your current clients, you can take control of your long-term leads with the help of smart marketing automation services.

In today’s modern age of marketing automation, your business’s strategy extends far beyond the marketing department. Many platforms are working together with your sales CRM to provide consistent and continuous communications that advance your customer’s on their journey to buying.

With smart marketing automation solutions, your business will find efficiencies in how you find, attract, convert, and retain your ideal audience along their buyer’s journey.

There is a need for you to keep a leg on the growing competition to target warm leads. Using marketing automation in your business allows you to send relevant messages to the right audience at the right time. It helps you to send genuine and customized messages to your audience according to their interests, their purchases, or even your sales stage. Marketing automation is the best option as it helps you in creating a better experience for your prospects.  

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How Our Smart MAP System works:

Step 1: Integration

We integrate a full service suite of tools with your website, your sales CRM, your social media accounts, Google Analytics, and your team’s appointment calendar.

The Smart MAP System include:

♦ Website tracking
♦ Form creation & autoresponders
♦ Sales notification
♦ Appointment Calendar
♦ Automated email workflows
♦ General email newsletter workflows
♦ Call tracking
♦ Landing page creation
♦ File management
♦ Full circle customer tracking & attribution reporting
♦ Customizable reporting dashboard
♦ Sales CRM integration
♦ Social scheduling
♦ Appointment calendar management

Step 2: Website Tracking & Set Up

Next, we install website tracking capabilities that deliver insights and data to your sales team based on a website visitor’s journey. We update and install conversion forms for your existing conversion points on your website.

Step 3: Mapping & Implementation

Finally, we begin mapping out your customer journeys to establish an effective flow of communications that help you, your sales team, and your business stay top-of-mind. 

Every automation mapping process is unique. Smart Girl Digital takes time to strategically understand your buyer’s journey and pinpoint the moments that matter so your brand is presented to the right customer, at the right time, in the right way.


Marketing Automation solutions for some common problems

Modern-day marketing can be a lot of work. Supporting sales and driving new leads means that your marketing team (and sales process) needs to be automated.

Marketing automation services solve this problem by freeing up redundant busy tasks of sending email messages, setting up appointments, assigning sales tasks…and so much more. With a Smart MAP Solution, we can help you design the right customer journeys for each of your audiences, set up the machine of Marketing Automation, and manage the ongoing monthly tasks of optimizing and implementing new campaigns. This allows you and your sales team to be more productive and strategic. Your leads are being automatically nurtured by the systems we put in place. We focus on how to make the right connections at any point in the buyer’s journey.

Marketing automation is an enormous help for managing leads, capturing and tracking user engagement. With automation as your partner, you’ll be able to look after your ROI and profits and optimize your ongoing programs.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Marketing automation is the process of streamlining, scheduling, and measuring specific marketing activities, like email messages, in a sequence (or workflow). 

Marketing automation primarily focuses on your email strategy. However, SMS, chatbots and personalized website experiences can now be set up via smart and strategic automation workflows

Your inbound marketing strategy is focused on attracting your ideal audience to your business using value-add content. It provides a method for your business to continue the conversation with your audience after they’ve received the content you’ve created.

Marketing automation helps small and growing businesses stay competitive and relevant by creating efficient systems for client acquisition, lead nurturing, and sales follow up.

For larger businesses, smart automation helps streamline systems and communications among sales, marketing, and customer service departments. This allows larger organizations keep up with customer journeys.

In all cases, marketing automation helps your marketing team improve ROI of your efforts through targeting the right audience, delivering the right message, and tracking the results along the way to ensure budgets are maximized for results.

There are thousands of marketing and automation tools on the market today. To find the right tool consider the following:

-Current Needs


-Desired Functionality

For more on automation tools, we wrote Marketing Automation: Making the Decision from A to Z complete with a Quick Reference Guide on some of our favorite platforms. 

You do not need an agency to implement marketing automation in your business. You will want to have a team who understands both the creative side and the technical side of your martech platforms. 

If you are just getting started with marketing automation, it may be helpful to hire an automation expert to help develop the strategy and train the team. Often automation agencies can provide full service automation strategy and implementation for less than hiring full time team members.

The type of marketing automation you need for your business depends on several factors. At a minimum, we recommend businesses the following types of campaigns:

  • Lead Generation Opt-in Funnel
  • Lead Nurturing Workflow
  • Monthly (or Quarterly) Newsletter 
  • Promo Campaign
  • Post-Sales Follow Up
  • Cold Leads Workflow

Everyone wins when you have an effective marketing strategy. Your customers are receiving valuable information at the right time. Your branding and messaging is consistent.

Your sales team is operating more efficiently because you’ve removed redundant follow-up tasks and helped streamline their appointment setting process. 

Your bottom line is improved by more efficiently moving customers through the buying journey and the sales team is only focused on those people most likely to buy from you.

Plus, marketing automation can create more opportunities for increasing lifetime customer value through cross-selling and reordering.

A marketing automation consultant can come in to your business and help you optimize your current automation strategy. A consultant can also help you and your team get a jump start on implementation through guided training and best practices.

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