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“In digital marketing, there are a thousand things you can do...

…only a few things you should do to get results.”

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Meet the Smart Girl Team

Business owners have tons of options when it comes to their digital marketing… However, only a few are necessary to make a big impact on your bottom line. 

There are so many digital solutions and shiny objects in the digital marketing landscape. Most business leaders are overwhelmed by not knowing what strategies will best help them.

Cut through the noise – build smart and savvy marketing campaigns that create an ROI with Smart Girl Digital. 

We partner with qualified organizations who are ready to implement smart digital strategies that move customers. We support in-house marketing teams who need the guidance and implementation of marketing tactics that increase inquiries, tours, and move-ins.

Our team can help your team alleviate the stress and time-sucking task of figuring out what works. We have proven strategies and frameworks that deliver ROI-boosting results.

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Why Choose Smart Girl Digital?

At Smart Girl, we focus on helping senior living operators establish and optimize your digital foundation. From your website to marketing automation to sales CRM, the foundation of your digital empire relies on having each piece connected, sharing data, and optimizing for a consistent customer journey.

We offer marketing automation solutions that align and accelerate your sales process while creating efficiencies between your digital platforms. 

We work with you and your team to develop a cohesive customer journey that becomes the map to guide our strategy. Those customer journey maps are turned into creative and compelling content.

Then, it is set up in a high-quality automation system that fits with your sales CRM. We make sure the data we have is shared with those who need it – sales, marketing, and customer service. 

The goal for every campaign is to become a ‘revenue-generating’ machine!

An Edge on The Competition

Ask us about SmartEDGE: a holistic solution for senior living operators ready to combine the power of search, website optimization, and automation to deliver results that impact occupancy for every community.