According to the 2018 Email Marketing Industry Report, 59% of marketers believe that email marketing drives the highest ROI. While it can take 8 – 10 communications from you before a new prospect converts, email marketing is still an often overlooked strategy.

In some cases, businesses can often rely too much on their email strategy and oversaturate their lists with too many messages.

Smart email strategies require planning, mapping, and understanding of your customer’s path to purchase. But, these strategies can provide great results for driving more sales and revenue.

So let’s look at a few of the main reasons you need to get started with smart email strategy for your business:

1. Integrates with digital channels

Email is an extension of your marketing mix. Use it in conjunction with other channels to create a seamless and cohesive brand experience for your ideal audience. If you are driving traffic from Facebook ads, a smart email strategy would be to tag those users and follow up later – maybe ask them to leave you a review on Facebook.

2. Targeted Automation

Your email automation strategy can pull out specific segments of your audience to send a targeted message. Have a specific message for someone who left an item in their shopping cart? Want to send a follow up offer with everyone who has requested an appointment, but not set a date? Targeted automation allows you to find those people within your lists.

3. Nurtures instead of Sells

Email marketing is a great way to nurture your customers and potential customers. Nurturing is a great strategy that provides value through consistent messaging that keeps you in front of your email audience without needing to hard sell. Perhaps you write tips articles for your industry. Maybe you are hosting a free event. There are thousands of ways to nurture your email lists without needing to hard sell. As long as your nurturing messaging aligns with the audience, provides value, and is relevant to your business you will find it can advance the sale and even increase average order value.

4. Optimized for mobile experience

Most email service providers have mastered email design templates that are mobile-friendly with over 70% of users checking their email on their smartphone or tablet, having an optimized mobile experience is imperative. Unless you are just sending simple text emails, any email design with graphic layouts need to have the proper coding to adjust your message without distortion on a mobile device.

5. Hyper-personalization

Email does not sell your business. People buy from you and your brand. Your email is an extension of you and your brand, so don’t let it become an impersonal experience. Through dynamic field insertion, the simple task of personalizing the greeting can make your message more impactful. Imagine being able to dynamically inserting other information that would be relevant. Perhaps by inserting their city when referencing your service location. These simple hyper-personalization opportunities make your targeted message more meaningful for the recipient.

What’s Next?

With all of these reasons for implementing a smart email strategy, there are advanced strategies that can dive into audience segmentation, lead scoring, and long-term nurturing opportunities for your business. Tackling these advanced email strategies and workflows can be an interesting exercise in evaluating your sales and marketing processes. Often we find that the process of developing these workflows uncovers areas of opportunity to generate more revenue, new product ideas, or find new ways to cross-sell your services.

Now that you know WHY email marketing makes sense. In our upcoming series on email marketing, we will show you some options for making smart email strategies easy to implement in your business. We will look at the right Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) for your business. And we will give you some smart email optimizations that you can do today to get results.

Eager to get started with smart email strategies, but need help? Schedule a free consultation phone call with Smart Girl Digital.

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