3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Digital Sales Funnel

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3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Digital Sales Funnel

Surely, if you are reading this, you know what a funnel is. But…just in case, for those who are not 100% clear, let’s take a simplified look at what a funnel is…


A digital sales funnel is designed to attract the right buyers for your product and focus on driving sales. Very simply, you have something for purchase and your funnel creates the value so your customers can make the purchase. The sales funnels take your ideal client through a series of pages that ultimately leads them to buy. E-commerce is a great example of a sales funnel that we all have experienced as a customer.

Great product –> Compelling offer –> Customer Buys

Any funnel should be built with the goal of leading the ideal customer to make a purchase. With a solid sales funnel you may even offer “One Time Offers” (OTOs) as upsells or down sells to your main offer.

The sale is the ultimate goal of any business, but what if you do all of your business in person or off-line? There are appointment-setting funnels for those businesses who need to set up that in-person meeting.

There is pretty much a digital sales funnel for almost any type of business you operate. So…let’s get into the 3 main reasons your local business needs a funnel.

  1. Continuously attract the perfect customer with a compelling offer
  2. Opportunity to increase the lifetime value of your customer
  3. The automation of a funnel keeps your business in front of your customers while you focus on what you do best…running your business.

Reason #1: Continuously attract the perfect customer with a compelling offer

Creating a funnel for your business starts with attracting your perfect customer. By mapping out your customer’s journey to making a purchase with your business, you can find the right offer that compels them to connect with you. Once you’ve created this offer that has value for your audience, your funnel leads them through building value in what you do, illustrates why your product or service is something they can’t live without and creates urgency for them to act.

Once set up this process continues as long as you are getting qualified traffic to your funnel’s landing page. When it’s working successfully, you are creating a continuous line of customers who are eager to hear more from your business, buy your product and services, and maybe even share your services with others.

Continuity creates success…almost automatically.

Reason #2: Opportunity to increase the lifetime value of your customer

This might be my favorite reason for using funnels in your business…increased lifetime value. Lifetime Customer Value (LCV) is the value your ideal customer creates for your business over their lifetime of working or buying from you. That means if you offer a product or service that is only ever purchased one-time, your LCV would be the value of that sale.

However…for 99.9% of businesses, you offer more products and different services that a customer could purchase. A well-structured funnel can help you create more upsell opportunities beyond the original reason your customer purchased from you.

Reason #3: Automation

If you haven’t been paying attention to this post, perhaps you haven’t heard one of the most compelling reasons your business needs a funnel…AUTOMATION! Once you’ve mapped your customer journey, created a valuable and compelling offer, crafted your upsell OTOs, and started driving traffic to your funnel, you should be getting sales. Now it may take a couple attempts of finding the right funnel formula, but once you crack that code for your business, you can automatically drive sales or appointments for your business while you are focused on doing what you do best…work on your business.

PLUS…automation through your email follow up sequence is another way to keep people engaged with your business or remind them of your awesome product or service. Funnels create opt-in opportunities for your ideal audience. Once they’ve opted-in, you can drip emails that automatically drive more sales, follow up processes, and even introduce new products.

Automation creates efficiencies in your sales process while providing value and driving more sales. This is hands-down worth investing time or money into finding the right funnel for your business.

Download our Free Funnel Checklist to help you get started.

As you can see, digital sales funnels are next-level digital marketing. Smart Girl Digital works with businesses looking to harness the power of digital marketing through these funnel concepts and more. If you are looking for a team to help you with your digital marketing strategy, let’s chat. Schedule a FREE discovery call!

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