Successful Senior Living Marketing Automation with ActiveDEMAND

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Reasons to Choose Successful Senior Living Marketing Automation with ActiveDEMAND

Reasons to choose successful senior living with active demand

Are you ready to ramp up your senior living community’s marketing automation efforts this year? 

Congrats! Committing to that goal is the easy part. Making your marketing smarter starts with choosing the right marketing automation system for your organization. 

There are a lot of marketing technology platforms to choose from on the market today. How can you know you’re choosing the right systems for your community? 

First, you need to consider your current digital systems. Your website, your CRM, and any other platform you are using in your digital marketing plans should be considered before selecting your automation platform. 

Next, define your goals for marketing automation. What role will it play in your overall sales and marketing strategy? What data do you need from this important MarTech investment? And, who will help your company manage this system?

Let’s dive into the many reasons you should consider a Marketing Automation Platform, like ActiveDEMAND for your senior living community.  

In this article we will discuss:

Marketing Automation: A Game Changer for Senior Living Sales Teams

Marketing automation is all the rage in growing senior living communities. In fact, according to Enquire, up to 68% of the senior living industry is already using marketing automation as of 2021.

So what is marketing automation and why is it important for your community? 

As we previously discussed in Marketing Automation 101 for Senior Living Communities:

“Marketing automation refers to the use of software and technology to automate and streamline marketing tasks and processes. This can include email marketing, social media management, lead generation, and more. In the senior living industry, marketing automation can be a powerful tool to help communities reach potential residents and their families, nurture leads, and ultimately drive sales.”

Oracle.com reports that successful marketing automation can reduce overhead marketing costs up to 12.2% while increasing leads by up to 80%– that’s a big jump!

For senior living sales teams, marketing automation should be designed to augment and accelerate the sales process and the prospect’s journey to choosing your community. To do this, platforms like ActiveDEMAND have direct integrations with sales CRMs so that data can pass back and forth seamlessly. 

By aligning your automated marketing campaigns with key moments in the sales process, your automation strategy steps in to support the sales process. You can create automated journeys for each stage of the sales process using the data points from your CRM. 

This creates efficiencies for the sales teams by removing manual steps and communications that might oftentimes get overlooked. 

With a marketing automation platform in place your communities benefit from consistent communications that drip out to your prospects and families in a way that is designed to deliver value and increase engagement throughout the sales process.

ActiveDEMAND: What is it and What Can It Do for your community?

ActiveDEMAND is an online automation platform that is senior living friendly. Additionally, ActiveDEMAND can integrate with all major CRMs for a comprehensive system to automate marketing campaigns and nurture leads. 

Can it really be that user-friendly? The short answer is YES! ActiveDEMAND can set your community up for success and help create tangible goals for growth that your marketing team can track in real time. But how is ActiveDEMAND different from any other marketing automation platform? To answer that question, let’s explore the difference between CRMs and MAPs.

ActiveDEMAND and Your CRM

At first glance, it may seem like customer relationship management systems and marketing automation systems are similar. This might lead you to wonder why you would need both to implement a successful marketing strategy. 

Understanding the difference between these two systems and how they work together is the key to creating a well rounded marketing strategy. This can help you guide your prospects through their customer journey and toward their decision to move into your community. 

A CRM is undoubtably an important tool for your sales team. This is where your customer data is stored, organized and distributed to the correct team members to optimize sales results. Within the senior living industry, CRMs can help you individualize your prospect communication on the ground floor of your sales efforts. They do this by collecting and providing crucial information about your prospects. This allows you to cater to the needs and wants of your leads on a personal level. 

On the other hand, marketing automation platforms (or MAPs), like ActiveDEMAND, help your marketing team implement the specific actions within your marketing communication strategy that help your community generate and nurture qualified leads right from the start. 

The key to success with these systems is how they integrate together for a cohesive sales and marketing strategy. They can work as a unit to provide a comprehensive strategy that can optimize each step of your customer journey. 

ActiveDEMAND’s platform integrates with all major CRMs in the senior living industry. This way you’re gathering information about your leads while implementing a strong marketing strategy to peak interest and keep your leads invested in what your community has to offer throughout their decision process. 

Smart Quote:

“Marketing magic happens when you have a seamless integration between your CRM and marketing automation platform. This sync is key to personalizing automation campaigns to include compassion, understanding and the right messaging at the right time.”

– Sarah Sheridan, marketing automation consultant at Smart Girl Digital.

How Can Your Community Benefit From Implementing ActiveDEMAND?

With more than 3,500 senior living communities served, ActiveDEMAND boasts higher lead generation, campaign interaction and ultimately higher occupancy for the senior living industry. 

ActiveDEMANDcan assist in automation for senior living communities of all sizes. Whether you have one property or hundreds, ActiveDEMAND can help optimize your marketing efforts and get the results you need. 

ActiveDEMAND was created with multi-tenant architecture. This means senior living communities can streamline marketing processes in a way that creates a personalized experience for each and every prospect. From the use of dynamic insertion of hundreds of different data points within the system to cloning features between community accounts, the multi-tenant architecture is designed for efficient use and mass campaign build-outs so your home office team can support every location effectively. 

Why Is ActiveDEMAND the Right Choice for Your Community?

From email campaigns to landing page features to advanced reporting, there are so many ways ActiveDEMAND can help your marketing efforts. But what makes ActiveDEMAND stand out from the sea of MAP choices? 

Here are our top 4 reasons why ActiveDEMAND is the right choice for your community.


1. ActiveDEMAND offers capabilities that cater to the senior living industry-

Sure, you could choose any old MAP system for generic business practices, but it might be difficult to find the tools to prioritize your community’s needs. ActiveDEMAND is committed to serving the senior living industry and so many of the tools it provides are directly correlated to the success of a senior living community’s marketing strategy. Tools like tour booking and tracking, follow-up campaigns and call tracking can give you the upper hand in your marketing optimization efforts.

2. ActiveDEMAND Offers a User-Friendly Layout, On-Site Training and Expert Assistance

If your first look at the ActiveDEMAND platform has your head spinning, don’t panic! It might look intimidating, but ActiveDEMAND is designed to be an easy-to-use automation platform with lots of fun surprises as you get more familiar with the system. If you’re still intimidated, we can help! Smart Girl Digital offers training in ActiveDEMAND and can even help your community get set up for success! Click here to schedule a Digital Discovery call today! 

3. Individualize Your Experience

With ActiveDEMAND, you are in control of your automation. ActiveDEMAND provides an easy way for your entire team to get what they need and not what they don’t. With the team feature and administrative controls, you can include team members in the capacity that suits their roles.

For example: If you want your sales team to know what the most active leads are each month without giving permission to alter any marketing systems, you can set their profiles to be able to review reports only. This way they can get the information they need to personalize prospect experiences without compromising your marketing strategy. ActiveDEMAND puts the power of automation in your hands and helps you mold it to your needs. 

4. Advanced Reporting

One of the best reasons to use ActiveDEMAND as part of your community’s MarTech stack is for the advanced report options. From multi-touch attribution reporting, integrations with Google Analytics and Google Ads, to lead scoring and goal conversion tracking, ActiveDEMAND reports can capture the full digital funnel of your sales process from inquiry to tour to move-in when you have your sales CRM fully integrated. Plus reports and dashboards can be shared or scheduled to deliver on time results to leaders across your organization.

Smart Girl Digital Can Help-

 SGD is an ActiveDEMAND Gold certified agency. If you aren’t quite sure how to implement a MAP system or just don’t have the time, we can help! We offer several MAP Tech packages that get you up and running and ready for success! With individualized training, campaign implementation and even copywriting assistance, Smart Girl Digital can help you get everything you need out of the ActiveDEMAND system. Book a Digital Discovery Call to find out more!

Smart Girl Digital is a Gold Certified Agency with ActiveDEMAND

This means that we are operating with a gold-level agency portal. We have demonstrated our ability to drive success using ActiveDEMAND and all of our staff possess advanced marketing automation certificates. 

Get started with ActiveDEMAND today and see how marketing automation can up-level your community!

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