16 Smart Marketing Resources to Level Up Your Strategies, Systems, and Automation

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Is it time to level up your marketing strategies, systems, and automation?  Then, you’ve got to take a look at one of my favorite lists to share with readers. It is 16 smart marketing resources, blogs, and podcasts.

Because I am a “learner of things”, I love finding new resources related to topics I’m passionate about. Naturally curious and I’m always wanting to stay up-to-date on the latest news, trends, and strategies.

As a result, I spend 8 to 10 hours per week reading blogs, listening to podcasts, and seeking out new information… all in an effort to provide clients with the latest strategies and new ideas for generating revenue in their industry.

Because the future of marketing will come with the innovation of new technologies (AI, chatbots, and personalization), there are a few marketing resources that I follow and regularly check for the latest tips, tricks, and technology in the marketing world. 

So, it would make sense for me to assemble a list of smart blogs and resources I personally use to make sure I can level up my client strategy recommendations and implement marketing systems to generate results.

16 Smart Marketing Resources, Blogs, & Podcasts Worth Following

General Marketing Topics:

1. Marketing Profs is my all-around go-to source for just about anything marketing. They cover all channels (digital and traditional). Their webinars and free training are awesome as well. If you have the budget to invest in your learning, the Marketing Profs paid trainings are well worth it!

2. Neil Patel is one of the leading online marketing gurus. He has grown major digital brands and is full of practical and actionable marketing ideas to help you build your list and grow your reach.

3. Marketing School Podcast is a daily podcast partnership between Neil Patel and Eric Siu. Their bite-size audio clips run 5-10 minutes (unless they have some long form episodes) all about current marketing trends and strategies.

4. Hubspot Marketing has become a classic staple in my content and automation toolbox. Hubspot generates amazing resources for marketers without always pitching their automation platform. You can learn so much from following Hubspot…even if you don’t use their platform.

5. Duct Tape Marketer Podcast (and blog), Michael Janz has been educating marketers and agencies for decades. His wisdom is always on point and he is always bringing up the latest trends, great guest posts, and interviews legends on his podcast. 

6. Kajabi is a platform for information products – course, membership site, etc. Their blog captures the stories of entrepreneurs in this industry and highlight tips and tricks for all stages of the funnel.

Content Marketing

7. The Content Marketing Institute continues to feed the beast of the Content King. Covering everything from well-written sales copy to webinar strategies for B2B marketers, The Content Marketing Institute is full of great content for every marketer.

8. CopyHackers has created a resource to help digital marketers master the art of copywriting. From your sales page to your Instagram post, copy is at the core of digital marketing.

9. Animalz Podcast is a fun and entertaining weekly content podcast for marketers.

10. Brafton is another fantastic content marketing blog. A beautifully designed online resource with relevant case studies, latest trends, and tons of great tips for content marketers across all types of industries.

11. Co-Schedule helps you distribute your content across the interwebs and their blog is full of great tips for marketing project management, templates, and creating efficiencies in your content distribution strategy.

SEO Blogs

12. Backlinko has great traffic tips for your website, blog, or social media account. With tons of “definitive guides” for you to access, you will be blown away by the amount of quality SEO knowledge you can pick up.

13. Ahrefs is an up-and-coming SEO blog that provides users with insights about their rankings and how to outrank your competitors. Therefore, if you are new to learning SEO tactics or want to dive deeper into the world of SEO, subscribe to the Ahrefs blog.

14. SEOmoz’s Whiteboard Fridays are a nice way to end the week with some information-packed video education. So, soak in the latest digital trends with whiteboard explainer videos for all of your digital marketing topics.

Conversion & Optimization

15. Unbounce blog offers insights and research centered around landing page optimization practices. Covering more than just on-page optimization, the Unbounce blog is a great resource for tips on all things related to making more conversions. 

16. ConversionXL is your go-to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) resource. What good is all that traffic to your website, if you can’t convert it? This is a great place to learn more about how to optimize your website for more conversions (…and, ahem…sales!).

Okay, so now that I’ve shared a few of my favorites. Tell me some of your favorite marketing resources, blogs, and podcasts. Who is worth following and why do you love them?

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