Happy September fellow business owners! We are looking forward to the cooler weather and smell of pumpkin spice, as we charge head-on into the end of the year, fourth quarter, holiday season. 

Who is ready for Q4 success in your business?

So often we find that business owners wait until the last minute when it is too late to start planning for fourth-quarter success. With Q4 less than a month away, do you have your end of year strategic plan in place? 

Guess what…holiday shopping has already begun. End of year preparations and business spending is already underway. Is your business positioned to find, attract, and convert your ideal audience online?

For many business owners, especially e-commerce business owners, the fourth quarter planning began back in Q2. However, in many other industries, there is a bit more time to get your plans in place to ensure you achieve Q4 success. 

Right now is that time! 

If you haven’t started, you are not alone. Perhaps you haven’t even thought about how you are going to maximize sales during the holiday shopping season. You’ve been busy running your business during the first three quarters of the year. We get it. But don’t let the end of the year sneak up on you without having a plan in place to push through your 2019 goals and end the year with a bang!

If you are needing a place to start your Q4 planning…here are some areas to find quick wins:

  1. Check and update your Google My Business listing to attract local shoppers (it’s free…so maximize it for local success) 
    • Don’t forget to update your hours of operations, check your website, and add your service descriptions
  2. Run some search reports to see what worked last year and what’s been working this year. An audit of your digital performance will give you insights on Q4 optimizations.
  3. Create a content (promotional) calendar to help your entire team know all the specials during the holiday season
    • Be sure to schedule social media promotions in advance to save time when things get busy.
  4. Leverage your email lists, but segment them by customers and non-customers so you can tailor the message and offer to the right audience. 
    • Use these 3 types of emails to help you win more sales & spread the word about your offers:
      • Holiday newsletter with tips related to your business
      • Holiday sale or promotion with discount special offers
      • Post-purchase follow up email asking for reviews on Google or Facebook
  5. Don’t wait until the last minute to find a graphic designer or discuss your graphic needs with your current designer. Get their best work by planning in advance and avoid missing deadlines.

I know…summer just ended and school started back, but when the season kicks into full gear, having some of these details pre-planned will save you time and energy so you can focus on fulfilling orders and running your business. Be prepared for Q4 success!

Need some last-minute help with your Q4 Strategy – Let’s chat! 

Schedule a free 15-minute discovery call with Smart Girl Digital. We can discuss your business, goals, and current plans. We will give you some ideas and suggestions to help you end the year strong.


If you are looking for the right strategic partner as you head into the end of the year, check out Our Services to see if the Smart Girl team would benefit your business.

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