Top 5 Tips for Finding Your Favorite WordPress Themes for Your Website

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WordPress is the most popular website platform for many business owners. It is easy to set up. They provide great tools for the non-techy person in all of us. But, finding that right theme {or template} can be an exhausted search exercise that results in lost hours of productivity.

For many, just looking at the themes leave a bland and chalky taste in our mouths because we are often daunted by the limited presentation on the developer’s page. To embrace the process of selecting your favorite WordPress themes, try to see beyond those basic presentations in the thumbnail images and open your mind to what your brand might look like laid out on the web.

Here are a few tips to consider if you are choosing your own website theme on WordPress:

  1. Budget – do you have a budget set aside to purchase your dream theme?
    There are TONS of free themes available. Most of those themes – with the right photos, color palette adjustments, and customization – can work for your website. Before you start your Google search for “best WordPress themes”, decide how much you want to spend
    You can find pre-existing, non-custom, themes usually under $100.
  2. Goal of your website – what is the purpose and goal of your website?
    A website for a blogging business versus an online magazine looks very different. Photographers and wedding planners may want to highlight their portfolios. While ecommerce business want to sell a product and local services may just want to schedule an appointment.The goal of your website will determine what type of pages you might need on your website.
  3. Brand colors & fonts – have you established your colors and photos?
    Most WordPress themes are customizable – meaning you can update the settings for your brand colors and logos. Occasionally, if you are not familiar with HTML or CSS coding, some elements of that oh-so-awesome theme will have a color or font style that may not fit for your business. Test ride the theme developer’s demo site for the theme. This is a good place to explore the page layout options and the color palette options. As long as you have a general idea of your branding, any theme can be customized.

    Website style tip
    – have your brand style guide with fonts and color codes handy when starting to work on your website.
  4. Call-to-Action – what do you want your website visitors to do when they come to your site?
    Going back to tip #2, you need to have a goal for your website. Then, you can determine what call to action makes the most sense. Each page on your website should somehow tell your brand story and drive users closer to your desired action. Don’t overthink this part. Your desired call to action could be as simple as contacting you for more information. BUT, don’t ignore the WHY they should take your action. As you optimize your new website, you might find other calls-to-action that will help a potential customer to stay connected.

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  5. Photos Make All the Difference – Do you have pictures, images, or icons that make your business unique?
    WordPress themes come with pre-loaded images that the developer used to establish the look and feel of the template. The beauty of a template is your ability to change the look and feel by changing out the photos. Upload those photos that speak to your brand and test drive how they fit within a chosen template. Your brand photos will immediately take that chalky template to a fully customized business website ready for you to start using.

    Website Style Tip: if you are going to use stock photography on your website, get creative with the types of photos you use. Avoid those same smiling, friendly, and always happy images that everyone uses.

WordPress website themes are really great options for business owners and entrepreneurs. With the largest user base, plus thousands of plugins that will catapult your digital presence, can you tell me one reason you should not be using WordPress for your business’s website?

P.S. – Sometimes you might not know how a WordPress website template will translate once you start customizing it for your business. Don’t let yourself get locked-in with a template. With so many affordable options – try a couple to make sure you find the right fit for your brand.

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