How is your business coping with COVID-19? 

And…How will it survive

If you’re a business owner, executive, hell…even an employee, those questions have been swirling around in your mind for quite some time. 

Admittedly, this year has been one for the books. The changing landscape of our world has affected our collective “business as usual” in more ways than one. 

And though not all companies have been hit economically, everyone is feeling a shift.

From both our own observations & conversations with colleagues, this feeling…this need for business shifts aren’t particularly negative. Overall, it’s that brands and businesses are recognizing that in order to thrive in the digital age, they have to be equipped to sell online. 

And so far, we’re seeing a lot of interest in: 

  • Automation
  • Sales Funnels
  • Lead Generation
  • Web Design (and re-design)

The reality is, businesses now need to get creative to generate leads, clients, and sales. The time to pivot isn’t just right now, it was yesterday.

The Blueprint for Business Shifts

To understand how best to cope during these trying times, look to companies who are already implementing sales strategies online. Look to digital agencies. 

For agencies in the digital space, streamlining the customer journey from interest to sale to retention is a requirement for success. 

Take a look at this industry report…

Demand For Agency Services During COVID-19 Crisis

In it, agency directory DesignRush outlines how the pandemic has affected various digital agencies. You’ll see that of the digital agencies interviewed, most have seen a bigger increase in sales during the pandemic.

Some key takeaways are: 

  1. Businesses are learning how to handle working remotely with outsourcing on the rise to save costs.
  2. Digital marketing & branding services are being explored to help companies stand out in a sea of competitors.
  3. And, most importantly, they are pivoting to a more streamlined online customer experience, whether an investment in a website redesign or a new app, is extremely popular.

It’s not as if agencies are immune to crisis. But, in a general sense, they are better prepared to meet customers exactly where they are…online.

No matter your industry, there has to be a shift to online selling, and this becomes easier when you understand what’s actually required to do so. 

Thankfully, it’s not as complicated as it seems. There are really only 3 must-have systems for a smart digital foundation

  • A professional website designed to attract & convert prospective customers.
  • Email automation to create an evergreen system for nurturing clients. 
  • And a sales CRM system, to lay the foundation for customer retention. 

If you’re looking for an easy place to start…start here. Everything beyond that is a bonus.

Are you stuck in business & wondering how to shift? Contact us! At Smart Girl Digital, we can help you pivot & grow online. Get started by scheduling a free discovery call today!

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